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Our product range

As a full-line supplier, SCHWAIGER® relies on "EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE" and has an enormous range of products. Consisting of more than 1800 articles from satellite reception and antenna technology, our range includes offset antennas, LNBs and satellite distributors, among other things, also set top boxes with corresponding connection cables, wall and ceiling brackets, mounting material and much more.

With our comprehensive range of products tailored to demand, we are leaders in the German market. The range is continuously adapted to current trends and standards and expanded accordingly.



theft-proof. low reflection. exclusive.

Our sealed blisters protect the products from environmental influences and theft. There are six standard blister sizes in our range as well as sizes and shapes individually tailored to special products. High quality and largely free of reflections, our welded sealed blisters enable optimal product presentation in the clearly and systematically designed sales areas.

Our cardboard boxes offer comprehensive protection against damage. Last but not least, they impress with their individual and exclusive design.

Our bulk goods - products that are, for example, shrink-wrapped in foil or provided with a band - are mostly in the lower price segment.



clear. structured. clear.

The SCHWAIGER® color coding system clearly delimits the range and makes it easier for the end user to find their way around. Therefore, the color coding system is not only used for the packaging, but also applied to information panels within the sales areas.



basic. default. professional. ultimate.

The new SCHWAIGER® packaging has been expanded to include the quality level feature. This gives the end user additional product information. The quality level is recognizable at first glance and enables particularly high-quality articles to be highlighted accordingly. Depending on the quality level, there are one to three icons on the packaging with the most important product properties.



systematically. clear. structured.

In addition to the quality of the product, the packaging also determines the success of the sale. That is why we attach great importance to clear structures and attractive designs with recognition value in our packaging design. A QR code is shown on the side of all packaging. With the help of a smartphone and a corresponding app, it is possible to obtain further information from the Internet, e.g. in the form of videos.

The front of the packaging shows the most important information about an item, such as the product range, item number or dimensions. More detailed information and, if applicable, application examples can be found on the back.

Concise information is immediately recognizable at first glance. Product-specific properties are highlighted with icons and quality levels, among other things.



set top boxes. ip devices. promotional items.

Similar to the new SCHWAIGER® color coding system, all receiving devices such as SET TOP boxes and IP devices as well as promotional items that do not belong to any range are subject to a clear range delimitation.

The packaging is guided within the sales areas with a special color coding system.



strong. decisive for purchase. plannable.

The appealing presentation of the SCHWAIGER® product range in attractively designed sales areas makes it clear: These products are genuine brand quality.

Individually tailored to the target groups in the market: With different packaging concepts, the SCHWAIGER® branded products are delivered in separate color schemes for specialist stores and consumer markets.

In addition, we offer CI-compliant POS presentation options, for example panels, displays or vertical dividers.

We provide sales support not only through a strong presentation at the POS using clear guide boards, but also through media presence in the form of advertisements, flyers, posters and catalogs.



attention. stimulating buying. specially placed.

Informatively designed counter displays are just one of the many possibilities of POS presentation.

The SCHWAIGER® branded products are delivered in different packaging concepts in the corresponding color schemes for specialist and consumer markets.



individually. customized.

Clear and easy to use: This is how SCHWAIGER® presents its product range on the market.

Individual module plans as well as tailor-made area plans take into account and meet the requirements of the trade.

With our intelligent space management, we ensure high-turnover sales areas that are stocked as required.

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