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Unsere Seite befindet sich derzeit im Umbau, deshalb kann es zu Anzeigefehlern kommen. Wir bitten um Verständnis.
Unsere Seite befindet sich derzeit im Umbau, deshalb kann es zu Anzeigefehlern kommen. Wir bitten um Verständnis.
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Company history


Christian Schwaiger Senior founded Christian Schwaiger Elektroteilefabrik GmbH in Langenzenn.


In November 1933 the foundation stone was laid and the topping-out ceremony for today's company building was celebrated.

The building looks back on a moving and anything but good history. During the Second World War it served as a warehouse for the Reich Labor Service RAD and later as an emergency shelter for those who had been expelled from the country. Unfortunately, the story cannot be dismissed out of hand and serves today as a reminder of the horrors of World War II.
In 1950, SCHWAIGER® was looking for a new company headquarters and found what it was looking for in the municipality of Langenzenn, which at that time was targeting companies. Christian Schwaiger Senior bought the site for around 100,000 DM, which was a relatively cheap acquisition for the time.

The students of the Wolfgang-Borchert-Gymnasium in Langenzenn dealt with part of the history of our administration building. A corresponding article appeared in the Bayerische Staatszeitung on January 30, 2015.

Bavarian State Newspaper Break the great silence
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Nuremberg News About forgetting and remembering


The First German Television (ARD) starts broadcasting.

As early as 1950, the state broadcasting companies that existed up to that point had merged to form the working group of the public broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD).

Source information: Wikipedia


The production takes place partly in Neustadt a.d. Aisch. That is why the company building in Langenzenn is being expanded. The extension or new construction of the shed hall follows.


With a speech by the artistic director Prof. Dr. Karl Holzamer started its program on Monday, April 1, 1963 at 7.30 p.m. at the State Office for Second German Television. This first program contribution marked the beginning of a new series of programs: "The conversation with the viewer".

The founding director of ZDF: Prof. Karl Holzamer

Copyright: ZDF / Georg Meyer-Hanno


Bayerischer Rundfunk is the first broadcaster within ARD to start broadcasting a third television program. The UHF converters 5571 and 5580 are being developed accordingly, making it possible to upgrade older televisions to receive ZDF and third-party programs.


A soldering device is purchased especially for the manufacture of the "Modula" combination plug-in amplifier, which was manufactured from 1965 to 1975. This has been called "the new art" in the company.


In June this year, Christian Schwaiger Elektroteilefabrik GmbH published the first catalog.


Indoor antennas of the 4500 series are manufactured in quantities of ten to twelve thousand pieces per month for more than a decade and a half.


The combination antenna amplifiers Kombi 3, Kombi 5 and Kombi 6, which are used to receive several programs, are becoming bestsellers due to the extensive broadcasting of third-party television programs from all public broadcasters in Germany.


A new hall will be built on the premises in Langenzenn within a year. The company's new dispatch and logistics center is being built there.


A new building complex, today's customer service, is built. Corresponding machines for plastics production are set up here.


A new production hall is built in Langenzenn. The construction time is about 1 year.


The illustration shows the built hall from a bird's eye view.

1989 The ASTRA satellite system of the Societe Europeenne des Satellite (SES) starts broadcasting television programs via satellite. For SCHWAIGER®, the satellite age begins in the same year with the market launch of satellite reception systems.

Image source Copyright: SES


The production of the indoor antenna ZA4500 took place in the production hall in Neustadt a.d Aisch. Here you can see a photo of the building around 1990.


In 1989 the premises in Langenzenn were expanded to include building 6. This house housed the warehouse and the packaging hall for the dispatch of goods. The construction was completed within a year.

Participation in the wholesale fair


Multi-switches form the heart of small multi-subscriber systems for satellite reception. The first own multi-switch line in multilayer and microstrip construction with SMD assembly is presented.


Schwaiger is taking part in the Practical Fair for the first time.

The quality management of Christian Schwaiger GmbH in Langezenn is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Foundation of Schwaiger s.r.o. in Vrchlabi (Czech Republic).


The in-circuit test system for the automatic testing of SMD-equipped circuit boards is put into operation. This enables a considerable increase in product quality and, at the same time, a reduction in manufacturing costs.


The Czech subsidiary, SCHWAIGER s.r.o. in Vrchlabi, is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Mr. Wischmann and Mr. Bernadi take over the management of Christian Schwaiger GmbH.


Schwaiger does press work and is published in the SAT Report with a current interview.

>> SAT Report January 1999 edition

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Development and market launch of new, return channel-capable multimedia sockets for cable networks. In this context, the entire ISDN range is rounded off.


A SCHWAIGER® baby monitor comes onto the market.

The new "Home Security" range is introduced. This also includes door intercoms.

The range of TV wall mounts is being expanded significantly.


The existing range of cables is reinforced by a "gold cable" - a luxury class cable. This series consists of a coat with a woven gold effect. The contracts of the plugs are gold-plated, which ensures higher conductivity and lower transmission resistance.


Participation in the Diytec fair. A DVD player (DVD 2002) finds its way into the range and is successfully placed on the market.


With effect from July 1st, 2003, SCHWAIGER® belongs to the Franconian REITZ Group as an independently operating company.


In order to increase the general knowledge of satellite reception and antenna technology among end users, the "SAT Primer" is being written in collaboration with the author Henning Kriebel and will appear for the first time this year. This guide contains a description of all the products required to set up a satellite or antenna system as well as detailed explanations of all essential work steps.

Digital television is conquering terrestrial reception areas. The magic word is: DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial). SCHWAIGER® brings one of the first fully functional DVB-T receivers (DSR203T) to the German market and achieves significant market shares in the area of the pilot project (Berlin / Brandenburg).


Participation in the Practical World fair

A separate blister is being developed as part of a new concept for large-area specialist markets. This enables a largely reflection-free presentation of the products as well as the highlighting of product information through three-dimensional applications.

Slovakievicz becomes the new managing director of Schwaiger GmbH.


Cascadable head-end stations and a new multiswitch series are introduced. In addition, a technical revision of the multimedia sockets is taking place.


The first digital DVB-T and DVB-S mini receivers are placed on the German market. The two receivers have the design of a stick and are significantly smaller than conventional receivers.


A receiver with an integrated hard disk (DSR5016) that enables media recording and storage is coming into stores.

A satellite antenna for caravans and boats is launched.

Mr. Tänzler becomes the new managing director of Schwaiger GmbH.


SCHWAIGER® successfully applies for two patents.


»The first patent is applied for for an active flat antenna that can be installed either indoors (DTA 2000) or outdoors (DTA 3000).

»The 2nd patent is submitted for the SAT Finder SF 9000. A well-engineered and innovative technology enables laypersons to align the offset antenna quickly and easily with the desired satellite.

» Patent SF9000
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The first HDTV receiver is presented on the German market by SCHWAIGER®.

The new offset antennas come with a 10 year guarantee.

The first Unicable LNB is included in the "SAT" range.


After the successful market launch of the SAT Finder (SF 9000), a suitable battery will be developed and included in the program.

The product range is also being expanded to include cleaning accessories for flat screens.


SCHWAIGER® becomes an independently operating company within the Audiovox Group, today VOXX International.

In May, SCHWAIGER® will present products at ANGA Cable, the trade fair for cable, broadband and satellite, in Cologne. The fair was a complete success for the company.


A highlight of the year is the leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances, the IFA in Berlin. Together with well-known companies in the Audiovox Group, SCWAIGER® presents its innovative products to a large audience.


An innovative cable finds its way into the markets. The new "Wiretape" flat cable is made so thin that it can be laid almost invisibly in floors, walls and even under carpeting. The complete wiretape system has been developed with corresponding connection variants for laying, extending and connecting audio, video and network devices.

» Info flyer on wiretape
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SCHWAIGER® supports the local youth work team in Langenzenn with a check.


A lot of development work has gone into the new EKU 825 head-end station. This is ideal for new equipment, but is particularly suitable for retrofitting in tree structures. Such a system enables the reception of up to 21 transponders. This head-end station is ideal for use in hotels or apartment buildings.


In April 2012, the analogue switch-off of German programs via satellite and their conversion to digital TV will be completed.


A new technology is conquering the technology / satellite market: SAT> IP.

As a well-known provider in the field of satellite reception, SCHWAIGER® is developing a suitable multi-switch.
The highlight: The signals received from the satellite with a conventional mirror and LNB are converted into IP signals in this Sat> IP server (MS41IP) and transported to the connected devices via the existing home network (LAN).

» Info flyer about SAT> IP
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A new series of receivers is being developed.

With this technology, setting up networks is a thing of the past, because thanks to Powerline, all data can be distributed via the power grid or via WLAN. Corresponding products will be included in the "Phone & Computer" range.

Another development of this time is powerline.

With this technology, setting up networks is a thing of the past, because thanks to Powerline, all data can be distributed via the widely available power grid or WLAN. Corresponding products will be included in the "Phone & Computer" range.

The new "Energy" range will be integrated into the product portfolio. This range includes various items such as consumption meters, timers, multiple sockets, various adapters and much more.


The "Audio" range is being reorganized. Among other things, high-quality new products, such as headphones with and without Bluetooth functionality, will be introduced.


After the introduction of the new sealed blisters in 2004, the newly established range will be presented in a new packaging design.

In connection with this changeover, a new color coding system will also be used, whereby the individual product ranges and quality levels are visually clearly distinguishable from one another.

With the new structure of the range, the company is once again presenting itself at ANGA Cable and IFA.


The new buzzword is smart home. With simple operation and a high safety factor, comfortable and intelligent living is finding its way into apartments and houses.


A control center (gateway) is being developed in connection with home automation. This enables the automatic control of all products that are equipped with a Z-Wave, Z-Wave plus or ZigBee protocol. The control takes place via mobile devices.

The SCHWAIGER® product portfolio is expanded by two areas, "HOME4YOU" and "POWER4YOU". POWER4YOU includes various charging adapters and cables for the most popular mobile devices.

The successor to the patented SAT Finder appears (SF9002). The original SAT Finder has been technically revised for HD reception. This SAT Finder HD is not only offered for the European area, but for various areas around the world.

The new SUN PROTECT LNB series is launched. This includes innovative and improved variants of the original LNBs. SCHWAIGER® was the only company to respond to customer requests and develop a feed horn that defies extreme heat. So far, the high temperatures that acted on an LNB when the signals were bundled caused its cap to melt and thus led to the destruction of the LNB. The SUN PROTECT LNBs withstand temperatures of up to 200 ° C.

» Info flyer about SUN PROTECT
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Variable capacitors

2- and 3-way small rotary capacitors with and without gears are suitable for installation in large devices as well as in very small receivers.


Air trimmer type 1200 / screw trimmer type 1214

The trimmers type 1200 and type 1201 have been developed for installation in VHF receivers. A screw trimmer is a trimmer capacitor and is used in appropriate devices. The special processing prevents loosening in the event of vibrations.


Combination 3, 5 & 6 amplifiers

These amplifiers enabled perfect reception of all television and radio programs (VHF). With the antenna amplifier shown, Kombi 6, any number of channels could be set using six amplifier inserts or switches.


Rotor plate K2


Wave switch type 1000

These switches were used for the switching functions in radio and measuring device construction. The multitude of applications made it possible to realize all switching operations.

Variable capacitor G29

SCHWAIGER® was a supplier of accessories and electrotechnical components for the radio and television industry of that time. The manufacture of variable capacitors continued for Philips, Grundig, Nordmende, Loewe and Imperial until 1985.

G66 Modula Kombi 6 system


Lighting generators for model railways Light in the express train - This is the slogan for the series of lighting bridges. These generations have been developed for train lighting that is independent of traction current for all common model railroad systems. The highlight: the generator was connected directly to the model railway control console without soldering.

1966 & 1969

UHF amplifier type 5571 and Triomat type 5573

The UHF amplifiers were equipped with an automatic switch (Triomat), which switched from one to the next program at lightning speed. Operation: Pull the button> select the station + fine-tune> release the button = convenient switching between the UHF programs.


Universal power supply type 2000

This universal power supply can be regulated from 6 to 12 volts (max. 400 mA) and was used to supply all transistor devices from the lighting network.


“Radio clock” series

"The little friend for many purposes" or "An ideal combination of radio, alarm clock and light". Small and compact or in the deluxe version, both devices have a contemporary design, have integrated buzzing sounds, news rites or radio music as an alarm function, available via the continuous radio operation and stepless light setting.


Indoor antenna ZA4500

This indoor antenna for radio and television reception developed into a box office hit. With monthly production numbers of up to 12,000 pieces, this antenna was sold over a period of 15 years until 1994. The production took place in the production facilities in Neustadt a.d. Aisch instead.


Broadband amplifier Nuremberg 2


 Auto super set for self-installation

A series of four car radios and radio cassette units are sold as complete sets, i.e. ready for installation with all accessories. This series includes a simple radio, a cassette player and two combinations of both. Matching stereo spherical speakers were offered.


"SK" combination amplifier

These "SK" antenna amplifiers are low-noise, channel-selective amplifiers for indoor and outdoor use. Channel selective means that one channel is amplified per input.


Amplifier BN2212


Multi-range amplifier


Antenna socket for satellite systems

The first antenna socket already consisted of a solid die-cast housing. A special clamp with a locking position enabled easy assembly.


4-way circuit board and distributor


Lucky Man

This article, called “Lucky Man”, is completely “out of line”. This is a stimulation device for men. The development and marketing was more than alien to SCHWAIGER® and went down in the company's history as a curiosity.


Multiswitch SEW 5398



... was developed for Siemens and built into the first generation of ICE trains.


Single and stub power outlets DSE20S


Mini satellite receiver DSR5009T


DBV-T antennas DTA2000, DTA3000

A patent has been applied for for these two active flat antennas.

SAT Finder SF9000

The SAT Finder enables the offset antenna to be aligned quickly and precisely to a satellite. The SF9000 is patented.